surfactant surfadiols?


We are manufacturing a nonionic surfactant named Surfadiols 541 as follows,
The Surfadiols 541 as Acetylenic Diol series products, has multifunctional benefits, both wetting and foam control, in aqueous systems. Due to its hydrophobic nature, the product has reduced water sensitivity and controled foaming when compared to conventional surfactants. which are widely used as an additive in various types of coatings, paints, inks and printings
Surfadiols 541 Surfactant is a solid in its pure form.
·Brand Name: Surfadiols 541
·CAS#:      126-86-3
·content: TMDD 98%min
Solutions are predominantly used due to their ease of handling and are available as follows:
Surfadiols 541H   75% wt. TMDD + 25% wt. Ethylene Glycol
Surfadiols 541E   50% wt. TMDD + 50% wt. Ethylene Glycol
Surfadiols 541PA 50% wt. TMDD + 50% wt. Isopropyl Alcohol
Surfadiols 541PG 50% wt. TMDD + 50% wt. Propylene Glycol
Surfadiols 541BC 50% wt. TMDD + 50% wt. Butyl Cellosolve
Surfadiols 541DPM 50%wt. TMDD + 50% wt. 2-methoxymethylethoxy)propanol
Surfadiols 541A   50%wt. TMDD + 50% wt. 2-Ethyl-1-Hexanol
surfadiols 541S 42.5% wt.TMD + 50% wt. Silica + 7.5% wt.PG
surfadiols 420
surfadiols 440
surfadiols 465
Product Origin: china Model Number:   Brand Name: surfadiols        

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